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One of our customers in Scandinavia is BMW Denmark. With the automotive lead management solution EASI’R, we help BMW and Mini adjusting retail structures to increasingly digital customers. Read our “flash case study” and see what Signe Winther, CRM & Online Marketing Specialist at BMW Denmark, says about the improvements made since her team has implemented EASI’R for BMW and Mini!

Signe, with which specific challenges is EASI’R helping you?

Signe: For us, the greatest challenge is to achieve transparency regarding leads and retail processes, from internet lead sources and also from the dealership. EASI’R is now helping us to gain the needed transparency for BMW and MINI in Denmark by delivering detailed insights and comprehensive statistics on all leads. We can now better see what exactly is happening with the leads, and when something exactly is happening, and how the conversion rate develops. With these insights, we can pin out the areas where we are strong and also those areas where we might need to adjust processes to achieve optimal results.

What has improved since you are working with EASI’R?

Signe: Since we have implemented EASI’R, our retail processes run much smoother. EASI’R has enabled us to establish a professional lead management setup, we were lacking this before. One great advantage for us is also that we can now collect all our leads in one source and easily add new leads and sources from our many business aspects, such as our End of Term leasing customers.

Which specific demands and expectations do you have in terms of a lead management software?

Signe: For us at BMW and MINI, two aspects were crucial regarding the decision for a lead management provider:

  • Data security is the ruling key principle for every step we make at BMW and MINI. Therefore, we needed to find a lead management solution that fulfills our high standards regarding data security. On a related note, also fulling compliance with the GDPR was relevant for our decision.
  • It was also decisive to implement a lead management software solution that has extensive reporting functions. In EASI’R, we can set up custom-made reports for all different roles within the retail organization. That means that we can pre-define relevant reports for salespeople, for dealership managers, admins or the area managers.

Want to learn more about EASI’R and our lead management, sales and relationship acceleration set-up? And did you already know that our Connect engine allows the integration with any other software system already used – like CRM, DMS or SWP systems?

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