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We use the system for our sales processes, for the management of the centrally generated email leads, in order to activate customers at the right time, via the right channel – online and offline.

Peter Lorenzen Leiter Digitalisierung & Handelssysteme ŠKODA

The client

ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland has been on the German market since 1991. With more than 100 years of experience in car manufacturing, a modern product portfolio and an outstanding price-performance ratio, ŠKODA cars are well established and demanded in Germany.

Business need

ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland was looking for a solution that would support their specific sales processes and could be customized to their specific needs. These specific needs were:

  • Enabling ŠKODA Auto Deutschland to establish seamless sales workflows, with the option to integrate all systems and stop manual switching between different software solutions used by the dealers.
  • Supporting salespeople in reaching out to customers at the right time, via the best channel.
  • Contacting customers the best winning way online and in personal interactions.
  • Helping to further shorten reaction times for processing leads.
  • Supporting ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland in adjusting sales processes to the increasing digitalization.
  • Ensuring a high lead quality.


The desire of ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland to implement a software solution that would be specifically customized to the needs of ŠKODA Germany and thus would support their specific sales processes, was met via the two following aspects:

  1. First step has been that EASI’R and ŠKODA have formed a joint project team. This project team has implemented the software solution CleverLEAD, that is based on EASI’R but has been adjusted to ŠKODA’s sales structures and specific wishes.
  2. EASI’R has an open API (Application Programming Interface) that enables ŠKODA technically to easily adjust the EASI’R platform to the specific needs of ŠKODA.

CleverLEAD, available for all ŠKODA service partners in Germany now, is fulfilling the following main functions:

Shortening of reaction times:

  • CleverLEAD helps ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland to shorten the reaction times for processing leads and to continuously optimise sales processes against a background of increasing digitalisation. For that purpose, all online and offline leads are centrally fed into CleverLEAD and offered to dealers for further processing from there.
  • The platform gives salespeople access to all lead information and the current status of the sales process.
  • Various lead management functions, such as ready-to-use content and layout templates, reminder functions and the possibility to pre-plan customer interactions and to automate them, enable salespeople to follow up on leads quickly.

Ensuring a high quality of leads:

  • CleverLEAD has a joint interface with ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland, with dealers and further service providers, such as the central customer service centre.
  • This ensures a high quality of leads, as leads can be qualified before they are forwarded to dealers for follow-up.

Press picture CleverLEAD

Extension of the collaboration

As a next step, the plan is to further develop CleverLEAD with the effect that the solution will prospectively support the whole sales process, integrate all the different systems and thus puts an end to manual switching between different applications.


Peter Lorenzen, Director Digitalisation & Trading Systems at ŠKODA Auto Deutschland: “With CleverLEAD, we want to build a foundation and interface for our sales activities. CleverLEAD supports the sales process proactively and helps dealers to contact customers at the right time, via the best channel, online as well as in personal interactions.”

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