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EASI’R and ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland extend collaboration with the “CleverLEAD” lead management software

Loyalty Factory GmbH, the company behind the automotive lead and sales management software EASI’R, has extended its collaboration with ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland. In a joint project team, both parties have developed the lead management software CleverLEAD. This software is now available nationwide to all ŠKODA partners in Germany. CleverLEAD is based on the EASI’R platform but has been configured in such a way that the software is now specifically customised to the needs of ŠKODA Germany and thus supports the specific sales processes of the importer. This precise customisation is enabled by the open EASI’R API (Application Programming Interface).

As a next step, the plan is to further develop CleverLEAD with the effect that the solution will prospectively support the whole sales process, integrate all the different systems and thus put an end to manual switching between different applications.

Peter Lorenzen, Director Digitalisation & Trading Systems at ŠKODA Auto Deutschland

Peter Lorenzen, Director Digitalisation & Trading Systems at ŠKODA Auto Deutschland: “With CleverLEAD, we want to build a foundation and interface for our sales activities. CleverLEAD supports the sales process proactively and helps dealers to contact customers at the right time, via the best channel, online as well as in personal interactions.”

Accelerating sales processes

For now, ŠKODA’s main goal for CleverLEAD is to further shorten reaction times for processing leads and to continuously optimise sales processes against a background of increasing digitalisation. For that purpose, all online and offline leads are centrally fed into CleverLEAD and offered to dealers for further processing from there. The platform gives salespeople access to all lead information and the current status of the sales process. Various lead management functions, such as ready-to-use content and layout templates, reminder functions and the possibility to pre-plan customer interactions and to automate them, enable salespeople to follow up on leads quickly. In addition, CleverLEAD has a joint interface with ŠKODA AUTO Deutschland, with dealers and further service providers such as the central customer service centre. This ensures a high quality of leads, as leads can be qualified before they are forwarded to dealers for follow-up.

CleverLEAD screen – custom-made lead- and sales software for ŠKODA Germany, based on EASI’R

Background EASI’R/Loyalty Factory GmbH

EASI’R, Automotive Lead and Sales Management Software is the newest product from Loyalty Factory GmbH. The company was founded in 2002 in Germany. In 2010, a subsidiary was established in Denmark’s second largest city Aarhus, which has become the EASI’R development hub. The German office is located in Chemnitz. The award-winning first software generation of the company was launched in 2006, followed by a completely new generation as a SaaS version in 2015, with a strong focus on lead management functions and features to bridge the online/offline divide of the customer journey in automotive retail. In Germany, EASI’R has a market share of more than 7%, and Europe-wide, EASI’R has 16,000 users. EASI’R customers include Škoda Germany, Jaguar Land Rover Sweden and Norway, BMW, VW and Seat Denmark.

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