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The findings of representative surveys about today’s car buying behaviour and customers’ expectations towards car dealerships are clear – digitalization is a game changer of an unprecedented scale, and dealers need to react to secure future car sales. But before we dive deeper into discussing a solution to these challenges, let us have a quick look at five current key findings on customer behaviour and expectations.

KEY FINDING ONE: 86% of all customers who are looking for a new car use the internet as the first source of information*.

⇒ Implication: Dealers need to be enabled to engage and connect with online leads instantly and reliably, from all available sources with a modern digital solution, no matter if a lead comes from a car classified site, a price estimate site for a customer’s used car, a dealership site, social media, a blog or an online advertisement.

KEY FINDING TWO: 57% of customers configure a car online on their own before they make a purchase decision.

⇒ Implication: Dealers need to be enabled to pick up customers in exactly that individual stage of the buyer journey they are currently in. Dealers who appreciate the “homework” done by the customer and not start from scratch with a repeated configuration when customers visit the dealership will win. Therefore, dealers need to have a tool that gives them insights into their customers’ journeys and online research.

KEY FINDING THREE: Competition across dealerships is getting tougher: 56% of all customers are contacting at least two dealerships at the same time. Only one dealership will close the deal in the end**.

⇒ Implication: Dealers need to stand out by excellent service and communication to win the competition against other dealers. 

KEY FINDING FOUR: 87% of all customers expect a response within 24 hours, 10% want a response within one hour and 9 % even expect a reply in real time.**

⇒ Implication: Dealers need to be enabled to respond to customers fast and don’t let them wait for several days until they get back to them – otherwise, the lead is lost. Therefore, dealers need a smart IT setup, enabling seamless workflows and fast processes.

KEY FINDING 5: 70% of all customers wish to receive a personal answer, reacting to their individual request.**

⇒ Implication: Personalization is key to winning customers today. Dealers thus need a tool that enables them to tailor-fit every piece of communication to the customers’ questions and wishes, providing individual background information and consultancy.


The good news:Most dealers actually already have everything in place needed in their IT landscape, like a CRM, DMS, SWP or lead management solution.

However, what most dealers are lacking is the last part in their digital setup that brings all systems together, makes them operate smartly, seamlessly, faster, and enables dealers to pick up every customer individually exactly at that point in the customer journey where a lead drops in.

With EASI’R, we provide that missing piece, by empowering the already existing software systems of dealers and make them more efficient. EASI’R optimizes sales processes in three core areas, with the overall effect to enable dealers to sell more cars faster.

1. Enriching dealers’ IT landscape by revealing the most promising sequence of sales activities, step by step, to dealers. For commercial car sales, for fleet sales and for used car sales. EASI’R furthermore helps dealers to adjust the sales processes to each individual customer and to the individual journey he or she follows. In addition, EASI’R makes sure that each salesperson, in each dealership follows a most promising sales process, for higher conversion rates and better sales results everywhere.

2. We live in an instant communication world and also car sales are increasingly driven by conversation and content. As underpinned by the survey numbers above, customers looking for a new car expect dealers to send fast replies, with personal, relevant content to their requests. Based on more than 17 years of experience with customer interactions in automotive, EASI’R offers exactly those content strategies, text blocks and layouts that work best and drive customers to the showroom – for a test drive, for a sales talk and for signing the contract.

Furthermore, EASI’R allows an unprecedented way of personalisation, covering so much more than just inserting a name and vehicle model into the customer correspondence. With EASI’R, salespeople can customize emails with individual background information, links, attachments, and much more within only a few seconds.

3. Smart Integrations: Let dealers save valuable time and ensure that you as an OEM or NSC will always get access to all relevant data by a smart integration between all software systems used by dealers. The EASI’R Connect Engine allows an automatic data synchronization across all IT systems, allows dealers to work with only one login and creates seamless workflows. The EASI’R integration gives dealers access to all best winning sales paths (see point 1) and all content and conversation (see point 2) enablement directly in their CRM, VAP, DMS, Lead Management or other software solutions. Read more about our integrations here. 

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* Source: Digital marketing agency Adtaxi
** Source: Study by XPULS and

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