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Customer data and privacy is key when it comes to working with automotive lead management software solutions – for OEMs, for NSCs and for car dealerships. Are you already on your way to GDPR compliance? EASI’R gives you a quick overview about the key changes at one glance. 

What is the GDPR?
The GDPR (General Data Protection Act) is a new data protection law in the European Union. It regulates the processing of personal data about individuals in the EU and unifies the rules for this purpose within the European Union. The GDPR includes the collection, storage, transfer or use of personal data. The GDPR is considered to be the most crucial piece of EU data protection legislation in 20 years. The GDPR applies to all organizations that process personal data of EU citizens, no matter if that organization is located within or outside of the EU.

When will the GDPR become effective?
The GDPR will become effective and enforceable on the 25th of May 2018. Until then, all organizations that process personal data of EU individuals need to comply with the requirements of the GDPR.

What is the intention of the GDPR?
The GDPR is meant to give individuals control over their data back and to grant them with more rights regarding their data. The GDPR thus regulates how companies have to process and store the personal data they collect about EU individuals.

What is changing with the GDPR
The key changes with the GDPR are:

  • Expanded rights for individuals: The GDPR grants individuals in the EU expanded rights, e. g., the right to data deletion and the right to request a copy of any personal data stored by an organization.
  • Compliance obligations: The GDPR requires that companies/organizations implement appropriate policies and security protocols, to keep detailed records on their data activities, to conduct privacy impact assessments, and to make written agreements with vendors
  • Data breach notification & security: The GDPR demands that organizations report certain data breaches to data protection authorities, and under certain circumstances also report to the affected individuals.
  • Profiling and monitoring: The GDPR puts new obligations on organizations engaged in profiling or monitoring behavior of EU individuals.
  • Stricter enforcement: The GDPR enables authorities to demand high fines in case of breech which can be more than €20 million or 4% of a company’s annual global revenue, depending on how serious the breach and damages is. In addition, organizations with operations in different EU member states need to work with a lead supervisory authority for cross-border data protection issues.

EASI’R & the GDPR – get an overview

Data protections and security has highest priority for us at EASI’R, a vendor for automotive lead-management software, helping OEMs, NSCs and large car dealer groups to handle customer data every day. This is also why we are ISO2700 certified already since 2016.  EASI’R welcomes the GDPR and considers it as a crucial step in terms of data protection. We have started early to adjust our business to the GDPR, you can get a detailed overview about our GDPR adjustments on our website at: (link)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at – we will be happy to provide you with more detailed information about EASI’R and the GDPR. 


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