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The Power of Phoning for Automotive Sales…

No doubt, the internet is a very powerful resource for dealers when it comes to engage and connect with leads, as the vast majority of automotive customers today is using online channels to search for information on a new car. However, with all these studies centred around the digital customer journey, many dealers easily loose another key medium for successful automotive sales out of sight: The good old telephone. Studies indeed show that 80 % of leads still want to call a dealer during the car buying process to get further information on the car of interest.

That means: If your lead management process only monitors online leads, you will miss valuable insights regarding a big part of customers who might have visited your websites and social media channels and have also seen your online campaigns and initiatives, but just prefer to pick up the phone instead of clicking an online submission button. This gap in the customer journey between online and offline can be closed by integrating a call tracking system with your dealers’ existing lead management and sales software solution. 

Enable dealers to optimize customer communication via phone

In fact, various studies show that many car dealers struggle with answering calls from customers. According to different estimates, up to 30 % of calls remain unanswered as salespeople are busy with customers in the showroom when the phone rings. Problematic: Such studies also show that most of the customers who have tried to call and did not get hold of a salesperson don’t ring again but turn to another dealer – and the lead is lost. A call tracking system, integrated with your dealers’ lead- and sales management software, can solve this challenge and help your salespeople to sell more cars, faster. 

Creating seamless workflows

With a call tracking system, OEMs and importers can support their dealers with managing inbound and outbound calls in a more efficient, easier way. Salespeople will get the opportunity to call customers directly from within their lead management software, just by clicking a CTA button that triggers a call from their phone to the customer. No manual dialing  and no search for the right phone number needed anymore. In addition, every call will be tracked from the system, so that dealership managers, regional managers, OEMs, importers and of course the salespeople themselves always have an overview about the precise communication history with a customer – including online and face to face interactions in the dealership, as well as calls.

Equally important and helpful is that a call tracking system also registers missed calls, stores numbers and reminds salespeople to call a customer back as soon as they have time.

Getting 360 degree insights

An integration of a call tracking software with a lead management software enables salespeople to get more detailed insights into the online behaviour of their customers because these systems are able to track which parts of a website a lead has visited, before they have made a call. A salesperson can thus already get an impression on what the customer is interested in and can better prepare for the call or a follow-up. Besides from that, the calls can be directly and automatically be assigned to the salesperson that has most expertise in a certain area. If for example a customer has only looked at e-cars on your website, you can arrange that this customer will be assigned to a salesperson with expertise in e-cars. 

Getting the best out of campaigns

When evaluating the success of online campaigns, the usual KPIs are Click-through rates (CTRs), engagement measures like shares or likes and of course also online submissions via online forms, like the request of a test drive or the usage of a car configurator. However, a lot of customers change the medium during their customer journey and don’t react online but grab the phone and call a dealer when a campaign has caught their eye. This media break is something that most dealers struggle to track so that it remains unclear how successful a campaign really was if you only consider online reactions and don’t incorporate the big part of customers who prefer to call. With a call tracking system, exactly this becomes possible and thus enables OEMs, importers and dealers to optimize their marketing spent with 360 degree insights.

The ideal timing to call a customer to increase the chance for sales



Having access to all the benefits of a call tracking system, one crucial question remains open: When is the best time to call a customer? And what information should a salesperson provide during a call in order to increase the chance to have the customer book a test drive or give him a yes to prepare the purchase agreement?


A lead management and sales acceleration software like EASI’R can help your dealers to figure exactly these factors of success out. EASI’R ensures that the communication with the customer doesn’t come to a standstill and dealers always know when to contact the customers. They know which content and which delivery channels are relevant at specific milestones. This way, your dealers can easily create a personalized experience for the customers – fast and in a most efficient way. More information on this are available on our website.

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