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Experience streamlined workflows between your dealers’ CPQ, DMS, CRM, lead management system and EASI’R.

Enable all dealers to employ the power of EASI’R without navigating away from the present application.

EASI’R Embed

Dealers enjoy seamless content and customer conversation workflows, without any manual toggling. The best winning paths are available for your entire dealer network to work with in both their CPQ, DMS, CRM and lead management systems, and EASI’R.

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EASI’R for Outlook

EASI’R enables Outlook to be the hub for customer communication, streamlining the dealer experience.  Dealers can work freely with the best winning paths right within Outlook. All relevant customer content and information is available in the appropriate context automatically.

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EASI’R for Salesforce

Are your dealers working with Salesforce? Improve the processes steered by Salesforce with the EASI’R Lead- and Sales Acceleration features. Enable sales teams to optimize each step of the customer interaction with revealing the EASI’R best winning sales paths and best winning conversation & content enablers.

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Integrations made easy: With the EASI’R API, developers have the opportunity to integrate the EASI’R Lead- and Sales Acceleration Platform with any other system or application your dealers already use today. Thanks to our coding guides, OEMs and NSCs can realize powerful and custom made integrations, faster.

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