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Integrate EASI’R functionalities into the systems your dealers already use today.

We believe that a strong API will empower our customers to generate integrations that are suited to support any custom business processes.

The EASI’R API allows developers to integrate our platform with any other system or application dealers already use. That means that you can share data between your systems and streamline dealer’s business processes.

Discover an easy way to interact with data from EASI’R. Push, pull and test the integration.

Everything you need to build powerful integrations

Our integrations team is here to ensure that you benefit the most.

The EASI’R API provides an easy way to programmatically interact with EASI’R data. After using OAuth 2.0 to authorize an account, the REST API is accessed over HTTP to push and pull data from EASI’R.

Discover the full power and potential of the EASI’R API

Our API documentation provides a specification for developers to follow if you want to integrate EASI’R with other systems dealers are using, for example a Salesman Workplace. It gives details of the functionalities available, how it should be used, and which output can be expected.

Connect to the dealer’s CPQ, DMS, CRM or lead management system

Make use of Single Sign-On (SSO) to make it easy for the users. Instead of managing a separate identity for each EASI’R user, you can use any existing corporate credentials stored.

Build powerful, usable and custom-made integrations by utilizing the EASI’R API and our coding guides

What can OEMs and NSCs gain from the EASI’R API?

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