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Convenience is key

Dealers enjoy seamless content suggestions and customer conversation workflows without any manual toggling. EASI’R Embed automatically recognizes tasks that involve working with EASI’R and another system, such as CPQ or CRM, and starts the switching process when relevant.

Automatic switching between programs makes it easier for the dealer to follow the best winning path for each customer. EASI’R recognizes the current stage and puts content and template suggestions right at the dealer’s fingertips.

Data is brought automatically from the external system into EASI’R. All the information that dealers need is readily available.

Dealers want to focus on sales – not IT

EASI’R Embed is the right choice for busy people

Your dealers want digital tools that will help them do their jobs quickly and more easily, so they can sell more, faster. They also need tools that support their workflows without having to manually switch between systems.

Breathe new life into old systems

EASI’R Embed enables OEMs and NSCs to make their dealerships’ existing systems more efficient than ever. It also makes the move to digital selling easier by providing suggestions for best winning paths and supporting the sales workflow from the beginning to the end.

Stay in touch easily

With EASI’R Embed, information such as leads’ names and addresses in EASI’R always corresponds to those in the other system, saving valuable time

Enable your dealer network to consistently close deals
– also in a digital world

What can OEMs and NSCs gain from EASI’R Embed?

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