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The best of EASI’R and Salesforce

Add a powerful upgrade to Salesforce’s functionality. Now, you can enable dealers to bring leads on the best winning path and to create and send personalized emails based on each customer’s current stage in the sales process.

Enable dealers to run targeted sales sequences, send one-off emails to leads and customers or view all details directly in the EASI’R sidebar.

As dealers navigate through Salesforce, the sidebar will automatically display the best winning paths within the EASI’R lead or customer profile.

Enable dealers to be more productive, efficient and effective from within Salesforce

Keep the sales process running

The EASI’R Salesforce integration enables your dealers to manage all communication processes via the best winning path, without navigation away from the current application. In addition, dealers will have access to all information stored in EASI’R, directly from Salesforce.

Boost productivity across the whole dealer network

For many dealers, managing email conversations successfully is challenging. Ensure that your dealers always know where they currently are in the leads communication process. Turn their sales communication in Salesforce into structured work using EASI’R.

Surface the best winning path

Allow dealers to access content suggestions and templates easily from EASI’R and to track emails and customer engagement, all without leaving Salesforce.

EASI’R and Salesforce: A winning combination for OEMs, NSCs, and dealers

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