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In this article, the EASI’R co-founder and CEO Mikael Moeslund shares his insights about the importance of processing leads in real-time and how apps for mobile devices can help.

The clock starts ticking

I often have meetings with car manufacturers and national sales companies that don’t distribute leads, results, or recognition in real-time. Sometimes, leads are passed on to dealerships, via email and even left up to the sales managers to distribute. Alternatively, leads are sent via an outdated lead management system, which didn’t really manage to get salesmen adoption. The result is that the “lead inbox” is being checked once a day, but I have also seen examples of being checked out only once a week. While the clock is ticking, the likelihood to turn this important first contact into a successful one, is getting smaller and smaller with every minute that passes by.

New platforms

Therefore, I’m a fan of how new platforms with a great user interface and experience can help automotive engage salespeople and drive performance, engagement and excitement in the dealer showroom. I am truly interested in how apps on the iPhone or even the Apple Watch – and all other smartphones and wearables – will affect businesses and, more specifically, sales organizations in the automotive industry.

The opportunity that wearables present to us, is to drive even harder on engaging with leads, quicker than ever before. Sure, the interface of the Apple Watch is clearly designed for lighter engagement, while the iPhone remains the main interface for more complex tasks. Instead of opening an email, or an app – those triggers and notifications can be delivered to salesmen, wherever they are, within office hours or 24/7, if desired. Unlike an email, you know the notification will be read, and can easily be acted upon right away.

Every minute counts in order to turn a first contact into a successful one. Special apps on smartphones and wearables present an opportunity to process leads in real-time and so to improve the performance of automotive sales organizations.

Revolutionize the car buying experience

Starting early September 2016, yet another of the world largest car manufacturers will rely on EASI’R to help their dealerships manage leads, accelerate sales and build profitable relationships. Specifically, they think EASI’R can revolutionize the car buying experience,  sales management and salesmen motivation at dealerships all over the world. Therefore, their dealerships will start to use EASI’R in the cloud, on iOS for iPads/iPhone and Apple Watch, when new sales opportunities arise.

As consumers increasingly rely on digital channels for purchase planning, I’m happy to see the automotive industry is starting to step-up to the challenge. At EASI’R we are simply happy to be part of the ride.

Operating on digital channels becomes more and more important to keep pace with ever more digital customers and to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. Therefore, we now made EASI’R also available in the cloud, on iOS for iPads/iPhone and Apple Watch.

About me

I am the CEO and co-founder of EASI’R, which has helped over 2,600 automotive dealerships and 16,000 users across Europe to accelerate sales and build profitable relationships. If you, as a car manufacturer, a national sales company or an online classifieds site, would like to test drive EASI’R, our team will help you get started in just 30 days. Contact us at

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