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Bring new ways to dealers to drive more sales and close sales faster

The 3 core elements of EASI’R accelerate sales and enable dealers to close deals faster:

  • EASI’R suggests the best winning path for individual leads.
  • EASI’R enables dealers to drive highly targeted customer conversations.
  • EASI’R makes recommendations using the digital sales assistant.

The Best Winning Path

As an OEM or NSC, you can define a variety of winning paths and milestones. That’s how you enable dealers throughout your network to keep customers on the path towards closing the sale. Because EASI’R anticipates the customer’s next step, your dealer always knows when and how to communicate with the customer. That’s how the best winning paths take leads from browsing to buying.

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Driving Conversations

EASI’R ensures that the communication with the customer doesn’t come to a standstill. Dealers always know when to contact the customers. They know which content and which delivery channels are relevant at specific milestones. It’s a personalized experience for the customers – and limited work for the dealers.

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EASI’R provides ever more accurate recommendations for when and how to interact and engage with online and showroom leads. All recommendations are based on years of trustworthy automotive sales data collection combined with data already in your DMS and CRM systems. And the digital sales assistant continuously builds more knowledge about your customers’ online and offline buying behavior.

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EASI’R for Aftersales

EASI’R takes your aftersales business to the next level and enables salespeople at dealerships and service advisors at your brand’s authorized workshops to collaborate in a truly digital way. Establish a 360 degree customer orientation, drive more sales and secure customer loyalty by strengthening your aftermarket activities.

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