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Dealers should always know when and how to act

As an OEM or NSC, you want to ensure that your entire dealer network is prepared to engage with customers at all important stages of their path to purchase. EASI’R helps identify critical milestones where dealers must provide advice and content to customers.

Automotive is going digital. And customers do not distinguish between their online and offline experience. Neither should your dealers. EASI’R can help them bridge the gap between online and offline.

When dealers use the best winning paths, they can send the right branded content to the customer – at the right time. They can drive the conversation and schedule that crucial test drive that brings customers to the showroom.

Lead Management and Sales Acceleration

– a solution built for the automotive industry by automotive experts

Structure and personalize the experience

You can structure and unify the leads communication process across your dealer network while personalizing the experience for each customer. EASI’R pinpoints the milestones where your dealers must engage with leads. And lets them know how.

Keep dealers and customers on a common path

EASI’R comes with a large selection of pre-configured paths. Moreover, it allows OEMs and NSCs to configure their own winning paths, making the paths even more relevant for your brands and dealer network.

Anticipate the next step

Now, dealers can carry the customer relationship forward and contact leads the moment they make their decisions. The results are more and faster sales. With help from the Digital Sales Assistant, the winning path takes into consideration factors such as point of entrance to the path, web searches, demographics, and other captured data

Help all your dealers bridge the gap between online and the showroom

Learn more about the best winning paths for your dealer network. We are ready to help and answer your questions.