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Accurate recommendations accelerate sales

The Digital Sales Assistant relies on automotive data collected for over more than ten years. It combines that information with data from your CPQ and CRM systems and suggests the best winning path for each lead. And it recommends content that hits the customer at exactly the right spot.

The more data, the better the Digital Sales Assistant gets at making accurate recommendations for your exact make and models.

The Digital Sales Assistant enables all dealers in your network to follow the best winning paths and drive the conversation with customers.

Stay in control of the customers’ online experience

Actionable insights

For your dealers to engage with leads online, they need actionable insights that guide their communication with customers in the right direction. The Digital Sales Assistant provides precisely that.

Build trusted relationships online

As an OEM or NSC, you have an outstanding opportunity to set your entire dealer network up for success. Enable them to engage with customers at crucial milestones and to build and nurture trusted relationships.

Guide dealers step-by-step

The Digital Sales Assistant’s recommendations make it easy for dealers to handle leads better and more effectively than before – leading to accelerated sales across your dealer network.

Customer knowledge fuels sales

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