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EASI’R Automotive Lead- and Sales-Acceleration-Software now also available
for Automotive Aftersales

Chemnitz, February 2019 – Loyalty Factory GmbH adds the area of aftersales service to its automotive lead and sales acceleration software EASI’R. With this extension, car dealerships and authorized workshops can now easily realize a cross-departmental collaboration, ranging from accepting car sales leads and managing the customer journey on the way to purchasing, to repairs and the distribution of parts and accessories. This way, EASI’R wants to create an offer that enables OEMs, importers and car dealerships to improve the collaboration between sales and aftersales service and to strengthen customer satisfaction via 360 degree insights into the whole customer journey.

With the new EASI’R lead management functions for aftersales, service advisors can now manage all appointments and information on customers, repairs and vehicles centrally in one software. In addition, EASI’R gives them access to text and layout templates specially customized for service activities, it gives them the opportunity to send automated reminders to customers for upcoming appointments, e. g., for maintenance and tire changes, and it enables them to steer the distribution of campaigns directly via EASI’R.

Besides from that, EASI’R offers the opportunity to email digital customer surveys for capturing data on customers’ satisfaction with workshops. The results can automatically be fed into the software and then be evaluated via extensive reporting functions.

Collaboration between sales and service departments

By giving sales and aftersales teams access to the same software solution, car salespeople on the one hand can look up all information on a customer’s history of repairs and other workshop appointments in EASI’R. Thus, sales teams can get a better impression on the current level of customer satisfaction and can better identify additional potential for a customers’ interest in buying the next car. On the other hand, service advisors can gain valuable insights in EASI’R deriving from the sales department, as they can check which cars have recently been sold and to whom, so that service advisors are able to proactively approach customers with aftersales related offers.

Automated online service booking for connected cars planned  

For 2019, EASI’R has planned the launch of a new online appointment booking function which will automatically inform owners of a connected car on necessary service activities and give them the opportunity to book services online. For the service advisors, this means a significant work simplification because a lot of appointments can be made fully automatically via EASI’R, without the involvement of a service advisor.

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