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Launch: The new EASI’R integration options can unite all the various IT solutions used at car dealerships to create a one-system user experience. For the most efficient, seamless, and fastest workflows, let us explain to you how the new integration options work.

Does the following challenge regarding the use of IT solutions at car dealerships sound familiar to you? The workflows are slower and less efficient than they should be, simply because the various software solutions in place are unconnected, do not exchange data with each other, and do not offer the possibility for salespeople to work smoothly across the systems.

Common consequences of these problems are:

  • Time loss due to the need for manual data entries into various IT solutions
  • Severe data gaps in some of the systems resulting from the lack of communication between the solutions
  • Low motivation of the sales team to work with the software solutions due to the requirement for multiple logins and repeated data entries
  • Interrupted workflows within various isolated software solutions that are not logically linked to each other
  • In short, the workflows cannot unfold their full potential for efficiency, and dealers lose valuable time while customers are expecting faster and better interactions, especially online.

Our solution: EASI’R can now connect all external systems, such as CRM, DMS, or SWP solutions, with the EASI’R lead management and sales acceleration software as the central link, to create a virtual one-system experience. In addition, EASI’R enriches the existing IT-set-up with its smart features for lead engagement, lead management, and sales acceleration. The end results are improved, smoother workflows, and faster, more efficient retail processes.

Additional advantage: With the new integration, EASI’R also enables OEMs and NSCs to keep the already existing and well-proven systems used at dealerships (no need to change a running system for a complete new solution!) and helps to make the IT landscape more efficient.

Two EASI’R integration options to choose from

1. EASI’R Embed 

The EASI’R Embed integration option enables a smart switching between any external software solution, e. g., your DMS, CRM, or SWP solutions, and EASI’R with all lead management and sales acceleration features.

  • EASI’R Embed can automatically suggest and start the switching process between various systems whenever a task involves working with two systems. The salesperson no longer needs to manually change the platform.

For example: A salesperson might use a SWP solution to set up a legal test drive agreement the customer must sign before hitting the road. The next logical step is to prepare and schedule a follow-up email to send to this customer—for example to send additional information right after the test drive. The salesperson cannot use his SWP system for this task, but usually uses a lead management solution (such as EASI’R).

With EASI’R Embed, the EASI’R lead management screen would open automatically, suggesting all salespeople of the team in such a situation continue preparing the email. EASI’R will automatically take all relevant data (e. g., the name of customer and the car model for the test drive) from the SWP system into the lead management system. EASI’R will also automatically suggest a text template.

The only thing left for the salesperson to do is to check the information, see if he/she wants to add anything, and schedule the communication for a mailing date.

EASI’R thus ensures not only the interaction between systems, but also that all salespeople will follow a pre-set, promising sales path, and will not leave out any steps. OEMs and NSCs can freely define this sales path.

2. EASI’R Connect

The EASI’R Connect integration option enables a two-sided automated data synchronization between EASI’R and the integrated solution, such as a SWP. For the end user it will feel like a single system. This option requires no extra logging in or finding the customer in the other software—it all happens automatically.

For our example above, this means: If a salesperson is working with a customer using the EASI’R lead management system and wants to register a test drive, he/she does not need to switch to the SWP software. Instead, EASI’R will open the test drive appointment section of the SWP system within the EASI’R dashboard and it will already have pre-filled all the relevant information (e. g., name and address of the customer) transferred from EASI’R.

When the salesperson is done planning the test drive appointment, he/she will automatically be redirected from the SWP window back to EASI’R. Then EASI’R will pull the data from the test drive appointment from the connected SWP solution and present it to the salesperson in a pre-filled form. The salesperson will need only to confirm the follow-up method and planned tasks that EASI’R automatically suggests.

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