Everything you need to increase conversion
rates and drive sales across platforms

Manage leads effectively


Manage your leads in one place, so they don’t get lost​

Get a full overview of your online and walk-in leads in a single place. Easily create new leads directly from emails received in Microsoft Outlook. Accept new online leads, route them automatically or assign them to the right salesperson. Define escalation times to make sure leads are never forgotten.

Seamless and efficient workflows

Manage sales activities and customer conversations

Manage sales activities like making phone calls, emails, preparing letters, logging meetings or simply adding notes, all in one place – all in Outlook. This way, EASI’R Now enables you to create truly seamless, personal and efficient workflows for all your sales activities and all your activities regarding customer conversations. Easy to use for the whole team.


See what happens with each and every lead ​

With EASI’R Now, you get a complete overview of past and planned sales activities and conversations – directly accessible from your Outlook email inbox. Each and every step of the sales progress is comprehensibly shown, and everyone in the sales team of your dealership gets an overview of the planned next steps with every lead.

connect with social media

Use the power of Social Media
in your sales process

EASI’R can now provide you with a structured, fussfree integration, that makes it possible to scan public Social Media profiles and brings all available customer insights into your sales interactions. See profile pictures of leads and customers, and follow your customer’s Social Media activities with just a few clicks.

Across all lead channels

your new lead management tool

Microsoft Outlook add-on

With EASI’R Now, you can turn your own Microsoft Outlook account into a powerful lead management system for the whole dealership. Manage leads from the initial contact until you close the vehicle sale, in a fast and efficient way. Your sales team can collaborate throughout the whole sales process and share sales opportunities with the help of features that are easy to use for everyone in the team. 

Receive and log calls

Inbound calls tracked
from any lead source

See instantly who is calling and from which lead source the call originates, and automatically route inbound calls to the right team or user. During the call, users can easily create a new sales opportunity or update an ongoing sales case automatically.

make outbound calls

Outbound calls to leads
and customers

Call any lead or customer with a single click to automatically record and log outbound call activities, the duration and if the call got connected or if it ended unanswered, while still keeping your personal calls personal.


Virtual appointments and vehicle demonstrations

With Live powered by EASI’R Now you can sell to leads while they’re doing all of their car buying research at home. Offer them a virtual car buying experience using video call technology. Leads can join from anywhere across any device to live video calls and screen share sessions. End-to-end encryption makes it a safe place to meet. 

Work from your smartphone or tablet

EASI'R Now mobile app

Manage your leads, work with your contacts and complete your daily tasks on the go. Create activities no matter where you are. With the mobile app in hand you can easily communicate and interact with your leads and customers whilst you update the case progress.

With proven sales processes and follow-up strategies


Best winning sales guidance,

Define own sales processes and follow-up strategies to increase the number of test-drives and sales. You can get pre-configured, targeted sales processes for new car, used car, and fleet business leads, which are success-proven and ready to use out-of-the box. And you can define your own sales processes, in order to match them with your own needs, adjusted to your dealership and make and models. It’s your tool. It’s your choice.


Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks – say hello to “Karen”

The EASI’R Now Digital Sales Assistant, called “Karen”, helps you to get tedious, manual tasks done much faster. Karen can update your sales progress in your lead management system automatically, and she can help you to register sales activities you have just done much faster. Besides that, the Digital Sales Assistant can use your own customer data to make ever more accurate recommendations to further improve your sales performance. 


All the sales templates you need. At your fingertips​

Communicate spot-on with leads, with just a few clicks. Get success-proven text templates for each step of the sales process with ready-to-use content suggestions with merge fields at your fingertips, directly in Outlook. You can also create your own templates and share them with the rest of your team.


Get an overview of all tasks and appointments​

Plan important follow-up activities with leads and customers and get an overview of all tasks – in individual schedules, as well as in team schedules. You can choose to view it either as a To-do list, or in a calendar view. You can easily notify your colleagues and get notified if something important happens.

Customer life cycle

Link a series of paths to bring leads on a desired journey

Link a series of best winning paths to bring a lead or customer on a desired journey to close deals faster. In addition to lead management, the other processes of the customer life cycle can be configured individually for you as a dealer.

To increase sales of new and used vehicles

vehicles in stock

Full overview of all your inventory

You will have a full overview of all inventory, including relevant vehicle data and images and synchronized using the standard format most commonly used. 

assign vehicles

Automatically assign the right vehicle to the case

Online leads from any lead source – such as online marketplaces, dealer websites or advertising campaigns – will in most cases automatically assign the vehicle in question to the lead request and the sales case. Otherwise, the vehicle can be found quickly using the vehicle search function and can be easily assigned to the lead request.

see all inquiries

Get an overview of all requests for each vehicle

Get an overview of all requests for each vehicle by tracking the quantity and quality of leads on and their respective likelihood to turn into test-drives and eventually sales. 

And get full insight into your lead performance


Reports and comparisons to increase sales performance

Get full insight into your lead management and sales performance. Dive deeper into the engagement status and response times on each lead source. Analyze your team’s conversion rates to learn at which stages sales are bottling up, to increase efforts where it’s needed.

performance data

Set targets of sold vehicles, offers and test-drives

With sales targets, your can keep track of your team’s performance and encourage each team member to reach their individual target. These targets could be a number of sold vehicles, but also offers, test-drives or number of new leads created or accepted.

motivate your team

See what your team is up to

See what your colleagues are up to right now. Understand which leads they’re engaged with and give them a “high-five” to boost motivation.

With intelligent integrations and seamless workflows


EASI'R Now is open, flexible and extensible.

Integrate EASI’R Now with any Dealer Management System or Salesmen Workplace. Make any relevant customer and vehicle information information available within EASI’R Now. AS EASI’R Now is build on modern technology you can even integrate with the Email Marketing platform you already use today or build an integration from scratch with our open APIs. Or let our integration team help you.

With everything easily configurable by your team

Manage users in your team

Manage existing users or invite new colleagues. Create specific roles for your team and associate them with certain rights.

Your own fields

Create custom fields to store any additional data on leads and customers, and group them in a way that makes sense for your dealership and your own work routine.

Share team files

Save any often-used sales brochures, documents or other files and share them to be easily used across your team. 

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