Manage your leads directly in Microsoft Outlook.

Your new lead management tool

Turn your own Microsoft Outlook account into a powerful lead management system for the whole dealership. Manage leads from the initial contact until you close the vehicle sale. Your sales team can collaborate throughout the whole sales process and share sales opportunities with the help of features that are easy to use for everyone in the team.

Microsoft Outlook add-on

With EASI’R Now, you get a complete overview of past and planned sales activities and conversations – directly accessible from your Outlook email inbox. Each and every step of the sales progress is comprehensibly shown, and everyone in the sales team of your dealership gets an overview of the planned next steps with every lead. Helping you close more sales, faster.

contact details

email templates

sales guidance

lead insights

All the sales templates you need.
At your fingertips​

Spot-on customer conversations

Communicate spot-on with leads, with just a few clicks. Get success-proven text templates for each step of the sales process with ready-to-use content suggestions with merge fields at your fingertips, directly in Outlook. You can also create your own templates and share them with the rest of your team.

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