Audi - It all happens automatically


Tailoring EASI’R to the Audi Sales Process


Audi has a very specific sales proces, “Audi Infinity”, which they follow very closely. They have built this process into EASI’R and made that the Audi Customer Relations system, so that they can work more continually and professionally with a customer. They know that EASI’R has given them more new customers, and that it helps retain existing customers at all stages of the deicision making process.
They consider it a clear advantage that they can set everything up themselves, and then EASI’R ensures that the contacts are made and the activities are launched. It is perfectly in line with the Audi concept of “Vorsprung durch Technik”, since it all happens automatically.

Lars Kornelius, sales manager with Audi, speaks about the benefits to Audi of working with EASI’R



EASI’R Has helped us as a company to structure our work better

Lars Kornelius, Sales Manager Audi