Toyota Deutschland GmbH


Toyota Deutschland GmbH is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Marketing Europe, which again is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan. Germany is a key market for Toyota in Europe and has been a customer at LOYALTY FACTORY Group since 2005.

The network for Toyota in Germany counts around 700 retail outlets. The challenge for Toyota Deutschland GmbH and its German retailers is to increase vehicle sales significantly over the coming years.

The most valuable touch point – the retailer.

One of the biggest challenges Toyota faces is reaching the right customer at the right time at their most valuable touch point – the retailer. Toyota has set a target for the German retail network to increase sales performance substantially. Therefore, the volume per retailer will need to increase significantly through increased numbers of customer contacts and activities. For the retailer this means that current employees will need to become more efficient in managing customer contacts and increase effectiveness in closing deals.

Lost opportunities

Brand Manager at Toyota Deutschland Frank Gründler says:

Because customers can approach Toyota through many different touchpoints, customer information tends to be a bit fragmented. We were definitely losing opportunities and we were not taking advantage of all the sales leads. The solution that we really needed was a system that could assist retailers with managing customer contacts and consolidate all, for the retailer, relevant customer data into one place. We looked at the market for different Relations Management solutions and found that LOYALTY FACTORY Group and their product Easy2Click could solve many of the issues we were facing.”

Independent analysis shows that the dealers using Easy2Click as their Relations Management system perform 8.83% better than the dealers using only their Dealer Management System, when working with potential and existing customers.  It also shows that the dealers, who use the Easy2Click relations automation functionality to support their work in getting new clients, sell more to existing clients and retain them, achieve 24.9% better performance. A dramatic increase in performance – and it all happens automatically.

Toyota decided to use the platform in 2005 and have used it German-wide since then.