A new way of automotive lead management

EASI’R Now turns your Microsoft Outlook account into a powerful automotive lead management system. For car dealerships of any size. With your leads in one place. 


Transform Outlook into a fully functional lead management system

EASI’R Now turns your email inbox into a highly effective, modern automotive lead management tool – helping you to increase the number of test drives and sales.

  • Manage all leads from your email account, including leads from online car marketplaces
  • Lead management from your email account means full control over your customer data
  • Easy to use for the whole dealership team


Best winning sales guidance

EASI’R Now guides you through the whole sales process, step by step, helping you to close your vehicle sales fast and efficiently – while enabling you to manage sales activities in a truly modern way.

  • Initiate phone calls directly from Outlook and use the phone and phone number you already have today
  • Prepare and send emails - and track if and when they have been opened
  • Log your car showroom meetings
  • Add all the important notes for you to remember
  • 100 % tailor-made guidance for vehicle sales, all the way from initial contact to purchase

Have your leads in one single place, including those from online car marketplaces


Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks

EASI’R Now provides you with a smart Digital Sales Assistant which helps you get tedious, manual tasks done much faster. The Digital Sales Assistant can:

  • Update your sales progress in your lead management system automatically
  • Help you to register sales activities you have just done much faster
  • After each activity performed by you, e.g., a phone call, EASI’R Now will automatically open the right tab in the lead management system where you can then easily register the performed activity
  • Less switching between different systems, less manual navigation, more time for your customers

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