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EASI’R –The Leading Cloud Relations Platform for the Automotive Industry
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Everything you need to get closer to your customers

EASI'R is the relationship acceleration platform that over 2600 automotive dealers and 16,000 users across Europe rely on to build long-lasting and meaningful customer relations using fewer resources.

Relations Management

Track your leads and sales opportunities, and manage your existing corporate and private customers all in one convenient dashboard, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

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Relation Paths

By mapping out relations-building routes geared to your exact workflow and customer patterns, you’ll close more deals and build long-lasting, meaningful and profitable customer relations the EASI’R way.

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Intelligent Interactions

Analyze customer interaction patterns and help your team stay ahead of the sales curve with data-driven actions that lock down pivotal leads and grow your customer relations - intelligently.

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Centralized Governance

Not every company creates a data governance organization in the same way, so we allow you to create the roles and permissions that are essential to your operations.

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Automated Relations

Take advantage of communication strategies to accelerate vehicle sales, enrich the ownership experience, and drive cross and upselling, repurchases, and win-backs.

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Seamless Integrations

Get a smooth, timely and reliable flow of data & communication across your organization, so you can build customer relations more intelligently using fewer resources.

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A refreshingly usable interface

So it’s simpler than ever to interact with your customers and sell smarter from day one.

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What our customers say

At EASI’R, we work with some of the world’s most influential automotive brands. Our customers are manufacturers, national sales companies, large dealer groups and vendors to the industry. But more than that, they’re forward-thinkers who get that in our ever-evolving business landscape, success isn’t about closing the deal today. It’s about building long lasting relationships that keep customers around for tomorrow.

"EASI'R helps us retain customers at all stages of the decision making process."

Lars Kornelius

Sales Manager, Audi

"EASI'R is a very advanced technology solution... It is a perfect marriage."

Andrew Whitehair

Director Motors, ebay

"A professional and user friendly retail driven Relations Management Solution"

Frank Gründler

Brand Manager, Toyota

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