Sales Paths. Your Way.

In today’s changing market, sales teams must leverage EASI’R’s powerful sales process management capabilities to stay on target and keep your car buyers engaged throughout the entire sales cycle.

The old way


A one-size-fits-all sales path based on the transactional steps in the car buying process (test-drive, offer, sale)

Goodbye, Selling-by-chance

The new way


Designing sales paths to provide customers with the car buying experience they desire, on a large scale.

Hello, Selling-by-winning-behavior

How it works – in a nutshell

1. Actions that win deals, everytime

Equip sales teams with repeatable sales processes, proven follow-up strategies, and the tools they need to hit the ground running and maximize their win rates in order to sell cars more quickly.

2. Be like the top performers

Rather than simply instructing the salespeople, help them to learn how to be like the top performers to meet their sales targets, by pointing out ineffective behaviours and praising those that bring sales success.

3. Better car buying experience

Salespeople can create a personalized car buying experience by using multi-channel and multi-touch sequences with pre-existing, successful templates and content. Asking the correct questions and sharing content at the correct time helps customers to engage more deeply, thus making a real difference.

4. Accomplish more everyday

Salespeople can maximize their efficiency and provide a superior car buyer experience by focusing their efforts on the tasks that are most important. By managing their time effectively, salespeople can get more done in less time and ensure that the customer’s needs are met.

Guide the buyers

Manage sales paths that guide buyers and streamline sales cycles

Increase efficiency

Manage resources, track progress to ensure maximum efficiency

Improve experience

 Providing buyers with a better personalized experience

More ways to use EASI’R


With EASI’R, your salespeople can find the right leads quicker, establish connections faster, and build relationships more easily.


EASI’R helps salespeople find new opportunities and reach out to current customers at key moments throughout the lifecycle.

Do you want to know more?

Schedule a meeting with one of our sales team to explore how EASI’R can assist you in increasing your conversion rates through selling-by-winning-behaviour use cases.