Prioritize tasks, capture actions, and establish follow-up strategies to close sales.

Maximize sales efforts by executing tasks efficiently, including scheduling, tracking tasks, and creating follow-up strategies to ensure success. 


Reduce sales cycle

Reduce sales cycle time and increase efficiency by organizing and prioritizing tasks to better focus on closing sales.


More time selling

Automate the process of capturing sales actions to ensure salespeople spend more time with their customers.


Clear visibility

Easily track progress and identify opportunities for improvement with clear visibility of tasks and activities. 

How it works

1. Get more done in less time

Help salespeople to get more done in less time and focus their attention on the things that really matter to deliver a better and more responsive car buyer experience.

2. Capture actions automatically

As a system-of-execution for salespeople capturing key actions like emails, calls, and meetings automatically is key so salespeople can spend more time focusing on their leads and customers.

3. Follow-up strategies to maximise conversions

Simplifying and automating proven follow-up strategies with personalized high-impact conversations is bringing car buyers closer to a decision and maximize conversions.


dealerships across Europe


salespeople rely on EASI’R


sales opportunities per month

What it offers in a nutshell


Develop sales strategies to identify and target potential customers, nurture leads, and convert them into loyal customers. 


Provide techniques to encourage sales teams to stay on track and to help salespeople become more successful and reach their full potential.


Use conversations to create meaningful relationships, build trust, and strengthen understanding. Use Content to drive better customer engagement.


Use insights to make informed decisions and to identify the most effective playbooks that will help to maximize conversion rates.

Do you want to know more?

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