Imagine having a co-driver that guides salespeople close deals more effectively

EASI’R is the perfect co-driver for dealerships. It will help your sales teams to sell more cars, faster and with greater efficiency. With EASI’R, you can be sure that salespeople are doing the right things, at the right time, every time.

The old way


Each salesperson was relying on gut instinct and past experiences and followed his or her own method – or no method.

Salespeople were distracted or unprepared unable to deliver a strong proposition – meaning losing out on sales opportunities.

Gut instincts alone was the recipe for inconsistent performance and differences between conversion rates was enormous.

The new way


Salespeople benefit from repeatable sales processes and follow-up strategies proven to increase conversion rates.

Salespeople get more done in less time and focus their attention on the things that really matter to deliver a better experience.

Salespeople are guided by correcting behaviours that don’t have an impact and reinforcing what leads to sales success.

Sales has changed. For good.

New customer behaviour is the main factor behind the change


Customers nowadays are more informed than ever before, as they spend hours doing research online


Customers now prefer to interact with dealerships digitally due to the shift in their car buying behaviour


Customers anticipate a personalized car buying experience at every interaction, offline and online

Never forget that people still buy from people they know, like and trust

As the automotive industry continues to evolve, one constant remains: people buy from people they know, like, and trust. This means that good salesmanship has never been more important. In an increasingly competitive market, developing a rapport with your customers is essential to convert more leads into sales and create a steady stream of repeat customers.

Selling by chance,
is not an option anymore

This calls for a “new way of working” in personal selling.
Dealerships can leverage data-driven tactics to optimize their sales process and ensure that their sales team is using their time and resources effectively. This involves utilizing tools that streamline the sales process and using insights to customize their sales pitch and tailor their proposition to meet the customer’s car buying needs.

That’s why we build EASI’R

Increase sales

Increase sales results by improving the performance of each salesperson

Unlock the potential

Scale a consistent and repeatable process adapted to the way you sell

Stay ahead

Strengthen your brand’s competitive edge compared to other brands

The key to Increased sales and improved customer experiences

EASI’R has systematized our sales process and enabled us to get abetter handle on our leads and repurchases. They have been instrumental in helping us to increase our sales

focus and improve our customers’ experiences. We’ve been using them for many years and are thrilled with the results.

Troels Nielsen, Head of Sales Operations, Jan Nygaard AS


EASI’R for better opportunities

With EASI’R, your salespeople can find the right leads quicker, establish connections faster, and build relationships more easily.


EASI’R for more conversions

Leverage EASI’R’s powerful sales process management capabilities to stay on target and keep your car buyers engaged.


EASI’R for increased loyalty

EASI’R helps salespeople find new opportunities and reach out to current customers throughout the lifecycle.

Do you want to know more?

Schedule a meeting with one of our sales team to explore how EASI’R can assist you in increasing your conversion rates through selling-by-winning-behaviour use cases.