You can integrate existing systems with open APIs.

Create a custom integration using our open APIs, or take advantage of our integration team, who are available to help you.


Seamless integrations

Open APIs allow you to integrate existing systems with new ones, enabling seamless scalability.


Improved user experience

Open APIs can provide a more consistent, streamlined user experience across all systems.


Streamline processes

Open APIs provide an efficient way to connect systems to streamline workflow and processes.

How it works

1. Build exactly what you need

Our APIs provide direct access to our platform’s features and data, allowing you to build custom applications, integrations, and more. Our webhooks enable you to monitor events and data changes, providing real-time information that you can use to act quickly and automate processes.

2. Get fast, helpful developer support

We provide in-depth assistance with all your development needs, from small coding tasks to complex projects. Our team of experts can help you troubleshoot issues, identify solutions, and provide guidance and advice to help you get your project up and running quickly and efficiently.

3. Get started quickly with docs

Our documentation provides detailed information about our API and its features, including requests and responses, authentication, and error handling. Code samples are available to help you create your own apps and services.


dealerships across Europe


salespeople rely on EASI’R


sales opportunities per month

What it offers in a nutshell


Develop sales strategies to identify and target potential customers, nurture leads, and convert them into loyal customers.


Provide techniques to encourage sales teams to stay on track and to help salespeople become more successful and reach their full potential.


Use conversations to create meaningful relationships, build trust, and strengthen understanding. Use Content to drive better customer engagement.


Maximize sales efforts by executing tasks efficiently, including scheduling, tracking tasks, and creating follow-up strategies to ensure success..

Do you want to know more?

Schedule a meeting with one of our sales team to explore how EASI’R can assist you in increasing your conversion rates through selling-by-winning-behaviour use cases.