Your Lead Powerhouse

Empower your sales teams with EASI’R to maximize your pipeline and stay agile in a volatile market. With EASI’R, your salespeople can find the right leads quicker, establish connections faster, and build relationships more easily.

The old way

Leads all over the place

Leads from various sources are scattered all over the place.

Goodbye, Selling-by-chance

The new way

Leads in a single place

All leads in a single place, so they don´t get lost or forgotten.

Hello, Selling-by-winning-behavior

How it works – in a nutshell

1. Manage your leads in one place

Manage walk-in leads, online leads, create sales opportunities directly from tracked inbound calls and quickly and easily generate leads from emails received in their Outlook inboxes.

2. Route leads to the right salesperson

Accept new online leads, route them automatically or assign them to the right salesperson, and set escalation times to ensure that leads are promptly contacted and never forgotten.

3. Immediately follow-up on new leads

Don’t let hot leads grow cold and slip out of pipeline. Help your sales teams reach out to leads in seconds with personalized high-impact e-mails and keep them on track with proven follow-up steps that maximize lead conversion.

4. Determine lead sources with the best conversion rate

Analyze the performance of each lead source to determine which one is providing the best conversion rate. Utilize this information to optimize the marketing budget, taking into account the cost-per-lead and cost-per-sale for each lead source.

No one is forgotten

Follow up with leads promptly to ensure that no one is overlooked

Keep them on track

Convert leads into opportunities and keep them on track

Maximize ROI

Allocate your marketing budget wisely to ensure maximum ROI

More ways to use EASI’R


Leverage EASI’R’s powerful sales process management capabilities to stay on target and keep your car buyers engaged.


EASI’R helps salespeople find new opportunities and reach out to current customers at key moments throughout the lifecycle.

Do you want to know more?

Schedule a meeting with one of our sales team to explore how EASI’R can assist you in increasing your conversion rates through selling-by-winning-behaviour use cases.