Maximize Sales Performance

Improve execution throughout the entire sales cycle – from managing leads to motivating repurchases.


Lead Powerhouse

Empower your sales teams with EASI’R to maximize your pipeline and stay agile in a volatile market. With EASI’R, your salespeople can find the right leads quicker, establish connections faster, and build relationships more easily.


Sales Paths

In today’s changing market, sales teams must leverage EASI’R’s powerful sales process management capabilities to stay on target and keep your car buyers engaged throughout the entire sales cycle.


Loyalty Engine

Find new sales opportunities when it matters most. EASI’R helps salespeople reach out to current customers at key moments throughout the customer lifecycle by utilizing data-driven insights.

Help sales teams close deals more efficiently and effectively

EASI’R provides the perfect platform for dealerships – from managing leads to motivating repurchases. It will help your sales teams close deals faster, more efficiently, and more effectively. With EASI’R, your salespeople will know exactly what to do and when to do it to make sure they’re maximizing every opportunity to close a sale.

Guiding salespeople to

EASI’R helps automotive sales teams stay competitive in the market by giving salespeople the tools and resources they need to succeed. It’s not just Lead Management or CRM. EASI’R is a powerful co-driver that equips salespeople with the tools they need to convert opportunities into sales like never before. A co-driver that helps your sales teams do the right things, at the right time, every time.

That’s selling-by-winning-behaviour.

The key to Increased sales and improved customer experiences

EASI’R has systematized our sales process and enabled us to get abetter handle on our leads and repurchases. They have been instrumental in helping us to increase our sales

focus and improve our customers’ experiences. We’ve been using them for many years and are thrilled with the results.

Troels Nielsen, Head of Sales Operations, Jan Nygaard AS

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