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For many years, our founders have been working at dealerships and selling cars. In late 2014, they realized the need for a smarter way to help dealerships capitalize on sales opportunities, streamline daily tasks, deliver an improved car buying experience, and increase conversion rates. And thus, EASI’R was born.

From that moment we’ve understood how technology can change the game for dealerships. It’s what led us to believe in the power of salespeople to drive sales innovation in the automotive industry. Today, we’re a determined team of automotive experts on a mission to change the way the automotive industry convert opportunities into sales.

Our award-winning platform has earned it recognition

EASI’R by the Numbers

Today we support over

1,700 dealerships in selling more

Throughout Europe more than

18,000 salespeople rely on EASI’R

With EASI’R salespeople manage

+75,000 opportunities per month